体育平台, 我们做任何事情都把学生放在第一位——总共45名学生,其中有超过000个——这从第一天开始. 当你在体育平台注册时, you learn from our world-class 教师 and gain academic support from in-the-know advisors. You’ll 找到你的社区 by becoming involved in one or more of our 300+ student organizations, living in one of our on-校园 residence halls and refueling at one of our award-winning 校园 dining options.  And you’ll find your spirit cheering for one of our 18 NCAA Division I sports teams.
Coming to 体育平台 will feel like coming home — a home where discovery and innovation thrive, 在那里,每天都有美好的回忆,在那里,潜力与可能性相遇.


The 学生事务处 partners with students to help them create a collegiate experience that engages them with the 校园 community, 鼓励他们成长和成功, and helps them develop essential skills that improve workplace readiness and lifelong success. We support inclusive and welcoming 校园 communities that contribute to students’ holistic development and empower them to be engaged and ethical citizens.



体育平台 is proud to support a 校园 culture with strong global ties and an entrepreneurial spirit. 我们充满活力的校园提供多个住宅社区和数百个 学生组织和活动贯穿全年,为学生提供 一个支持性的环境,发展持久的关系. 通过…… 学生事务, students have numerous opportunities to create meaningful friendships 并建立人脉关系,保持自己在学术和专业上的成功 旅程.



充分利用你在体育平台的经历. 所有学生都可以参加各种学生组织, 活动, 竞争的团队, 领导机会, 服务机会. 通过接触, 学生增加他们的潜力,提高他们的学术, 个人, 以及专业经验. 在猫头鹰之国学习期间, we hope they maximize their collegiate years by building their community and getting involved in some of the many possibilities available. 



作为堪萨斯州立大学的学生,把自己放在首位. Wellbeing@体育平台是一个综合的方法 以您的整体健康和福祉创造一个关怀校园社区. 我们提供 a host of resources including 24/7 Mental Health Support to ensure your college experience 让你感到满足、快乐和健康.



猫头鹰生活是体育平台所有活动的中心. 学生可以参加校内活动和虚拟活动. 发现独特的俱乐部和组织加入. 当你进入体育平台的时候, you'll earn Scrappy的遗愿清单 credit and earn rewards the more you participate. 利用在. 得到贷款. 玩得开心. 




Your 教务长 is your advocate and resource to help maximize your success at 体育平台 and beyond. The formal roles of the Office of the 教务长 include oversight for all student conduct, 解决问题, 行为和危机反应, 行政紧急提款, 政策检讨及遵从, 以及学生的倡导和支持. 除了这个办公室的正式职能, the 教务长 collaborates across all areas and constituents within the greater university community to enhance the student experience. 



作为学生事务副主席(VPSA). Eric Arneson提供领导 为体育平台学生的课外经历提供指导. 他是 the chief student advocate and expert on 校园 and offers direct counsel to President 凯西·施威格和其他支持学生成功的关键领导人. Dr. Arneson将 foster student engagement and success by oversight of divisional departments, among other areas, all dedicated to creating engaging, inclusive, and supportive communities 对于我们的学生.

Dr. Eric Arneson


  • Strategic Planning, 评估, and Analysis (SPAA) seeks to establish a supportive atmosphere that nurtures an assessment-oriented culture across the Division, guiding an evaluation of student learning experiences beyond traditional classroom settings.

    SPAA assumes the role of a guiding force through training and advisory services, fostering leadership and endeavors to fulfill both divisional and university missions by employing 精心设计的评估方法.

  • 体育平台, our many 校园服务 departments work together to provide the essentials of 校园 life along with exceptional customer service to the University’s students, 教师, 工作人员及来访客人.

  • 家长及家庭参与 provides resources that support parents, families, and supporters of 体育平台 students, ensuring a successful transition to college life by helping 他们与体育平台猫头鹰保持联系并参与其中.

  • Kennesaw State acknowledges and upholds the First Amendment rights of every individual, 包括言论自由和和平集会的自由. 此外,已经 is fully aware of its duty to establish a safe educational experience that permits enrolled students and staff members to articulate their perspectives without impeding 大学的运作.

    学习更多关于表达自由和参与表达活动的知识 在体育平台的两个校区.

  • The 学生事务 team is dedicated to offering our support and assistance in any way possible. 作为一名体育平台学生, 你可能会遇到学术方面的担忧或问题, 校园, 供应商或注册服务很重要. 


    For all official complaints, we kindly request that you submit them using the form 以上. 此外,如果你遇到一个值得关注的人,请提交一份 红旗报告 以防止未来发生危机.

  • Finding new ways to get involved on 校园 is easy with Scrappy的遗愿清单 (SBL)! 所有在校生都有资格参加本次活动 挑战,可以在任何时间完成. 你需要做的就是完成63个项目 在你毕业前完成你的遗愿清单.

  • 体育平台, traditions and spirit tell our shared story to bring us together. Through events such as Weeks of Welcome, Scrappy Hour, Homecoming, and 体育平台 Day, students learn about what connects us as a 校园 community and deepen their sense of belonging 和连接.

  • 学生事务处致力于帮助你的成长和发展. Our Professional Development Committee provides a diverse spectrum of training opportunities and developmental resources that span the entire year. You'll also find the Marketing and Communications request form to help your department thrive among students. 

  • The 学生活动预算谘询委员会 (SABAC) assumes the role of an advisory body to the university administration, including the Vice President of 学生事务 (VPSA), offering insights regarding the distribution of funds for student 活动. This committee operates in close partnership with the 学生会协会 (SGA)和学生主任办公室. 公众听证会将于周三举行 在整个秋季和春季学期的下午,提供一个无障碍的论坛 讨论.

  • 卡迈克尔和威尔逊学生中心提供中心和方便的位置 在两个校区,为各种学生项目提供服务和空间 和活动.